Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Crewmates, inspired by an extremely popular head-heading / survival without Roblox among us, offers players to sit on a spaceship, perform various tasks and survive in a treacherous killer-a completely ordinary working day, right?
Exploring the spaceship, the players also have the opportunity to collect several badges, including the secret that we will discuss in this brief leadership, Find cyan!.
Continue to read below to find out more, teammate!

How to make money found Cyan!

Icon in crewmates!
After appearing in Crewmates!
You should be in the waiting lobby surrounded by other server participants.
Inside this lobby is a small blue mini-rifle with a speech bubble above it-go to this mini-rocker and talk to it.


Cyan will first ask if you saw their brothers and sisters, and then ask if you want to help find them.

As soon as the conversation ends, you will unlock Find Cyan!
That’s all!
In Crewmates!, Find Green!, Find Pink!
And Find Black!
There are three more secret badges!
In the meantime, fulfill your tasks, wait for the instructions and make sure that someone suspects…
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