Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Magdeburg had to put a setback in the Champions League in the battle for 2nd location in Group A.
At the Polish runner-up Willa Block, the Vegeburgers lost 24:25 (10:14) after bad very first half.

Girl Kristiansen was the best Magdeburg shooter with 7 objectives, the SCM stays in 3rd place in the table.
Magdeburg had a hard time in the first video game without the two long-lasting injuries Omar Inge Mansion and Magnus Saugstrup, especially in the position attack.
In specific, 19-year-old Marcel Jastrzebski in the host’s objective took some totally free tosses of the SCM away.
The only issue is our last rate, stated coach Bennet Winger in a break.
The distance even grew until the break.
After the break, the Vegeburgers slowly reduced the range (15: 17/37.) Because replacement Mike Jensen also safeguarded some balls in the objective.
In defense and attack, however, the SCM lacked the playfulness and natural and block again for 4 goals (16: 20/40.).


Magdeburg combated his way back and pertained to adjust 4 minutes before the end, but Block reunited and sealed the defeat.

WILLA BLOCKS Magdeburg 25:24 (14:10).

Objectives Willa Block: Lucia 6/2, Sergio Gun tin 4, Perez Are 3, Pibroch 3, Krajewski 2, Mimic 2, Schitnikow 2, Fazes 1, Rock 1, Susanna 1.
SC Magdeburg: G. T. Kristiansen 7, Smith 4/2, M. Damaged 3, Horne 3/1, Muscle 3, O’Sullivan 2, Beak 1, D. Patterson 1.
Referee: Javier Alvarez Matey (Spain)/ Yon Testament Lopez (Spain).
Bad guy minutes: 6/2.

By Andy S

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