Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Mr. Baumgartner, have you found any modification in the video game under the brand-new fitness instructor?
Yes, that we definitely wish to play more soccer.
We didn’t do it for a long time.


Initially out, the last 30 minutes were fine.
Obviously you can state that Leverkusen has actually changed back an equipment, however the young gamers have actually dared to get a little and challenged the balls and played on it.
We need to get back to play football with risk and courageously.
This is our greatest strength, if we don’t do it, it will be hard.
And we have to begin protecting better.

We get the objectives too easy.
We come out of half-time and get 0: 2 after a minute.
Furthermore, we are not all set, that shouldn’t take place that method.
That harms.
It was frequently a rate issue.
Is this workforce this football playable with this workforce that remains in front of you?
I believe so.
We already have a lot of great footballers.
Plainly there is a particular unpredictability, it’s not exactly simple, I likewise notice that there are simple things in this stage harder.
The quality of playing good football is already there.
But we need to exercise and bring it quickly, now the last one needs to understand what it has to do with.
It’s about keeping the class.
We no longer need to talk around it.
We need to get out of the suffering as quickly as possible.
And we need to be brave and play, that’s what this team can do finest.

It has to do with keeping the class.

Christoph Baumgartner
Can you force the game of the video game?
This is presently not on our side, but it was not an accident versus Leverkusen, they were merely the much better group.
However, we currently had video games in which the balls do not jump out to us or from the post and in the opponent from the post.
In the long run, this will come back at some point, however that will not be provided if you do not work out, it will not come.

association can no longer do- the team challenged

Is the TSG ripe for a relegation battle that is waiting in Augsburg on Friday?
We need to be prepared.
As I stated, the last one need to now be clear.
I think you can no longer do as a club.
Now we have a brand-new fitness instructor, not the first recently.
That indicates: Now the team is challenged, there are no more excuses, every gamer has to provide. If we do not do that, then it will be challenging, then we will likewise be very challenging in Augsburg.
However, if we are brave and aggressive, then we also have the quality to win in Augsburg.
We have to reveal that too.
The quality on paper does nothing, it must be seen on the square.
Sadly, we are not able to do that at the moment.
We are dealing with it, I am still confident that we will win a video game quickly, that will do us effectively.

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