Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

In the chasing battle between Lazio Rome and Atalanta Bergamo, not only the initial stage came from the visitors from northern Italy, however in fact the entire very first half.
Atalanta put Lazio under pressure from the start and straight tape-recorded the very first great degrees.
Provide had to step in against Bookmakers (7th) and harbor (12th) early on.
The keeper was likewise on hand with Look man’s deflected spacer shot, but had support from the latte (22nd).

Zappacostas fantastic Schooner

His front people protected extremely airy in the first round and put on the guests of the guests in the individual of Music.
Zappacosta accepted the gift and put the ball in the right angle to 1-0 (23rd).

Although Bergamo figured out the video game practically continuously up until the break, Lazio would have set out of nowhere almost two times.
In the initial stage, Stable shot from an appealing position (17th), Russo conserved the 1-0 break management (43.) with a strong parade against Mascagni.
Otherwise, the house side were practically only tied on the defensive.

Lazio defends overall too airy and disappointed

Lazio initially began in the 2nd round, however Immobile also missed his 2nd big possibility (48th)-rather, the house side should no longer come.
Atalanta now stood a little deeper, but switched once again and once again.
The Holland arrow in specific was decisively associated with the counterattacks.
After a very first counterattack, the 20-year-old Dane stopped working on Provide (49th), another pressed from a short distance over the line (65. ).
The Lazio defensive also looked anything however great for this objective.
Overall a disappointing appearance.


The formerly amusing video game was decided with the 2-0.
The bergamots, which might have won greater, controlled the video game to the end and leapt through the tie of the Roma (1: 1 in Recce) to 3.
The only downside might be the injury-related alternative of harbors.

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