Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Russia Dortmund’s U 19 satisfies Paris St. German in the round of 16 of the Youth League on February 28th.
This was the result of the draw in the UEFA head office in Non (Switzerland) on Monday.
Paris is well staffed in all positions, on the offensive. For me, they are the favorite for success in the Youth League, stated BVB coach Mike Tull berg.
And as if PSG as a portion were not enough, the BVB also needs to do without its obstructed captain Name Collins.
The team has an excellent character. It will likewise put their heart and passion into the field against Paris-and then we continue to see, stated Tull berg.
PSG coach Omaha Camera can draw on full personnel.
The best-known player is Ethan Mbappé, bro of Kylian Mbappé.
It will be a unique video game for Abdoulaye Samara, who changed from the Saint Germain Academy to BVB in 2021.


The winner from the Marduk Split video game versus Manchester City (March 14/15) would be in the quarter-finals if the BVB progresses.
By the way, there are no second legs.

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