Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Behind the Youngsters is an unfortunate weekend where none of the 3 teams could get points.
Stefan Grader, coach of the U16, experienced a genuine familiarity compared to the first leg, since the young eagles also lost the second leg at Hombrucher SV with 0: 1 (0: 1).

Comparable to the first edition of the game, the Prussians caught a good start and work out a number of good chances over the wings, but they stayed unused.
In return, the host took advantage of a mistake by the young stars after a long ball and took the lead in the 16th minute of the video game.
As in the first leg, coach Grader acknowledged a break in his own video game.
In half-time 2, there was still a huge possibility to equalize, however the penalty in the 50th minute did not transform the U16.
Later on the hosts just left little and brought the lead confidently over time.
Gombrich made it very ripped off, Grader vouched for the challenger the cleverness, which he at the same time procedures with his team: We are not yet ripe enough.
We then become too stressful and likewise give the complimentary kicks too easily.
The U15 revealed a various face than in the first leg versus heavily playing Leverkusen.
After the Prussians were clearly inferior with 0: 4 in the very first conference, they were closer to success this time.
The youngsters lost 0: 2 (0: 1) versus the Werkelf-young talent, although the video game might have taken another course.
The young eagles lurking left a huge chance in the very first half in order to gather a complimentary kick gate from a good 28 meters a little later.


Of course this is bitter, our plan has actually increased completely until then.
If we take a break with a 0-0 break, Leverkusen becomes uneasy, coach Marcus Headlamp strikes with the objective soon prior to half-time.
Even after the modification of sides, his team kept the game versus the 2nd in the table of the local league master round for a very long time, till a simple loss of ball was mercilessly punished in the 49th minute of the video game.
We have to minimize such simple mistakes.
Otherwise, we are very pleased with the team’s performance, sums up Headlamp.
U14 coach Alex Fröhlich also sees a comparable order for the future for his team.
The young eagles lost 2: 4 (0: 1) versus the fourth of the table from Sermon, but showed a considerable efficiency and proved practically return qualities after an interim 0: 3 deficit.
Captain Leonard Aver beck’s 2 dream goals-a volley acceptance and a shot to the lower edge of the latte from a distance-the youngsters promised in the meantime.
The U14 missed even more pressure on the opponent.
Rather, the group caught the 2: 4 quickly before the end, which-like the other goals-was preventable.
The young boys provided actually well.
Regrettably, we are still making a lot of basic errors at the moment.
The costs in the Westphalia League crucial points, gladly criticizes the defense behavior in requirements and opposing switchover movements.
A step in reverse does not acknowledge an action backwards in the defeat: We have now gotten here in the league well and now have adequate time to prepare for the crucial video game versus Very.
While the U15 has to go versus FC Brünninghausen in the Westphalia Cup next weekend, the U14 and U16 are now approaching a game-free week.
Text: Lorenz Schulze-Marmeling

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