Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Although Overwatch 2, perhaps, is not the most obvious candidate for the celebration of Valentine’s Day, the people from Blizzard Entertainment have spread a red carpet in the form of a heart for a large event.
It is not surprising that the famous archer Hand plays the main role of Cupid.
So, if you want to know how to get a special skin of Heinz Cupid for Valentine’s Day in Overwatch 2, read below.

how to get a skin cupid skin in Overwatch 2

Skin Hand Cupid will be available for a limited time in the Overwatch 2 store either for 1,500 Overwatch coins, or in the framework of the Upon Hand, the set in which there is also an amulet for weapons, a souvenir, a registered card and a screensaver.
Highlight Intro will also be available for free.
Lover watch mini-game that is currently available, so if you get Intro from it before buying Bundle, you will receive a Bundle with a discount.

Although Upon’s skin will be available only for a limited time, the skin itself will remain active after that in your account.
Based on the browser of the mini-game, Lover watch takes about 30 minutes to go completely.


This means that you need to go through it twice, with Genii and mercy, and then click on the third ending to get all free items.
In addition to Intro Heinz, you will also get three icons in the game and several loaded cards for Valentine’s Day.
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